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Registration to Work with Vulnerable People – Information for Volunteers

Molesworth Primary School warmly welcomes volunteers to support our learning programs both inside and outside the school. All volunteers are required to hold a Registration to Work with Vulnerable People.  Volunteering includes any help in the classroom or at the school; assisting with School Lunch orders; participating in excursions or assisting with sporting activities etc.

In July 2014 the Registration to Work with Vulnerable People Act 2013 commenced in Tasmania. This registration aims to significantly improve safeguards to help keep children safe from harm.


1.    Complete the online application form by visiting the website:  When you get to the question - are you currently working or volunteering in a child related activity please answer YES.  It is critical that you choose Department of Education from the drop down box and then select Molesworth Primary School. DO NOT PAY.
2.    Print the ‘application receipt’ which is generated when the application has been completed in full (if you do not have access to a printer, record the reference number and take that to a Service Tasmania Shop).
3.    Take the ‘application receipt’ to a Service Tasmania Shop, have your photo taken and have your identity confirmed.  You will need to satisfy the identity requirements.  A driver’s licence will do this if it displays your correct name and address.   Advise the staff that you are a volunteer with DoE and ask for a deferred payment.   DO NOT PAY. The invoice will be sent to DoE.
4.    The Tasmanian Department of Justice will assess and process applications and issue the Assessment Notice and Working with Vulnerable People Registration card directly to the applicant.
Generally applicants will receive their results within six weeks of completing the application process.  There may be delays, however, depending on the applicant’s personal information. Registration for the RWVP card will need to be renewed every three years.  Everyone with registration will be continuously monitored for serious offences.
More information is available at

If you have any further questions, please contact the school office; where we are more than happy to assist you through the process.

Mrs Jennifer Poynter
5 August, 2016